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From Fargo to Fairbanks & Back Again

My first home was one of the apartments on 12th Ave N in Fargo, North Dakota, but shortly after, my parents moved into family housing on the NDSU campus. Here's a photo of me proudly sporting my Bison sweatshirt in our trailer, which was located just west of where the student high-rises are today. When I turned 2, my dad graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, and we moved to New Mexico, where he took his first job. Our family moved to Houston because of a career opportunity for him to work at Hughes tool company. I went to Lutheran kindergarten and then started public school, where girls had to wear dresses and boys had to wear shirts and ties. My dad longed to live in the mountains (hence the background on this page), so we moved to Idaho when I was in the middle of 2nd grade. I learned to cross-country ski in winter and backpack in wilderness areas in summer. 

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